Daily Reason to Live in Japan:

GASHAPON (ガシャポン)
I really like this anime but I don’t want to wait for/ don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for/ don’t have a lot of space for merchandise. Then Gashapon machines are probably a great comfort to you as you browse the aisles of your local super market/ book store/ game store/ restaurant/ any place in Japan.

We have these machines in America but the prizes are… much lower in quality and desirability.

"OH YAY! STICKY HANDS! I can’t wait to cover this in dog fur and then fling it in my sister’s face!"

Gashapon is actually a trademark name of Bandai’s capsule toy machines, but just like “Bandaid” the brand name being the preferred name over bandages in the USA (or “Popsicles” over ice pop… ice treat? Ice… stick?), capsule toy machines are usually referred to as such. 

Prices on these toys and trinkets vary from as low as 100 yen ($1) to as high as 400-500 yen. I’ve never seen higher than that, but I have no doubt it exists somewhere. All you have to do it put in your money, durn the dial and enjoy that sweet GASHAGASHA sound as your capsule rolls out. While mini figures you have to put together are common, the most common products you will find in them are cellphone straps/ key dangles.

The machines contents are updated regularly and so the shows used are usually new or currently airing. Also, because of this, you have to find the machine you want during the limited time it’s available and since it’s all based on chance, you will just have to keep paying till you get the one you want. 

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